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G.O.A.L. (Global Online Ayurveda Library)

Establish Santhigram institutional library that will serve as a virtual space to share evidence-based resources on Ayurveda and traditional medicine to educate and empower healthcare professionals, consumers, and knowledge enthusiasts.

We are facilitating access to quality content by providing information on authentic Ayurveda-focused resources and developing a modern library infrastructure that meets all the requirements for multidisciplinary research.

Information is a powerful driver of innovation and change. There is ample information on traditional medicines and every aspect of health, but the main problem is in finding, selecting, and using fact-checked, authoritative information to avoid misinformation. The demand for scientific evidence that meets the modern criteria for efficacy, safety, and quality of Ayurvedic interventions and practices is gaining momentum. There is a lack of information exchange on Ayurvedic knowledge around the globe, and libraries can play a pivotal role. The goal is to design and develop a transdisciplinary library on Ayurveda and traditional medicine that has a unique collection of historical, traditional, and scientific sources of evidence and showcases the modern scientific advances in traditional medicine for people-centered health care. The library will have a comprehensive collection of scholarly peer-reviewed articles, books, and popular non-technical content to meet the information needs of a diverse user community. The library is being designed to engage and disseminate information about self-health and patient-centered care.