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5AM Ayurveda Club

Revitalize with Timeless Ayurveda Health Practices

  1. First 5 minutes: Yoga and Pranayama, tailored for all levels.
  2. Next 10 minutes: In-depth discussion or practice on the day’s topic, led by Dr.Pranitha.
  3. Following 5 minutes: Conclusion, culminating with an Affirmation Prayer.
  4. Final 2 minutes: A message about the Santhigram Foundation.

Themes in focus

  1. Ayurveda and Productivity
  2. Ayurveda and Creativity
  3. Ayurveda and Vitality

Time & Date

  • January 14th, 2024 (Sunday) onwards
  • Scheduled daily at 5 AM EST
  • 21-Day Virtual Program

Program Schedule Overview


  • 5:00 am to 5:05am (EST) – will be a buffer time
  • After 5:05 am (EST) – the Zoom entry will be closed


    🚀 Week 1 Highlights: Focus on Ayurveda and Productivity

  • Project Kickoff: Unveil the exciting goals driving our journey.
  • Habit Huddle: Master the art of habit-building for lasting change.
  • Zen Zone: Dive into Yoga for a rejuvenating start.
  • Body Bliss: Explore body types, Tridosha, and Pancha Mahabhuta for holistic wellness.
  • GPP Unveiled: Get the inside scoop on the Global Prakriti Project.
  • Mind Probes: Engage with thought-provoking questionnaires.
  • Ayurveda Avenue: Head to the foundation page to delve deep into Ayurveda.
  • GOAL Insight: Discover the mission of our Global Outreach for Ayurveda and Life Sciences.

    🌈 Week 2 Highlights: Focus on Ayurveda and Creativity

  • Passion Unleashed: Explore participants’ interests and choices.
  • Interactive Vibes: Connect and get to know your fellow early birds.
  • Bonding Bonanza: Forge lasting connections that go beyond the sunrise.
  • Creative Quest: Dive into your interest areas and discover your tribe.
  • Task Unleashed: Brace yourself for creative tasks tailored to your passions.

    🌿 Week 3 Highlights: Focus on Ayurveda and Vitality

  • Habit Alchemy: Uncover the secret to habit-building success in just 21 days.
  • Dinacharya Delight: Dive into the transformative world of Dinacharya for mind-body harmony.
  • Energy Elevation: Align your body and mind to power up your daily habits.
  • Wellness Wonders: Explore practices like oil pulling, abhyanga, and nasyam for a vitality boost.
  • Lifestyle Longevity: Make wellness a lifestyle with impactful changes for a thriving community.

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