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Suresh G Nair


“We are delighted to welcome Mr. Suresh G. Nair to the Santhigram Foundation team,” announced Dr. Gopinathan, the visionary founder of the Santhigram Group, an umbrella organization encompassing the Santhigram Foundation. “Our objective at the Santhigram Group is to assemble distinguished leaders from diverse fields, thereby constructing an elite network dedicated to societal advancement and community empowerment.”

With over twenty years of distinguished service in the finance and technology realms, Nair’s extensive background is a valuable asset to our foundation. He is currently a founding partner and Chief Information and Technology officer of iCreditWorks – a fintech firm. Prior to this, he excelled as the Managing Director and Head of Global Technology Transformation at Bank of America, orchestrating the strategic design and implementation of cutting-edge service-oriented frameworks as well as cloud and mobile innovations.

“It’s a privilege to join the ranks of the Santhigram Foundation,” Nair expressed. “The technological revolution has gifted us unprecedented avenues to forge impactful connections and pioneer initiatives that significantly enhance societal well-being. At the Foundation, our ambition is to harness these technological advancements to initiate substantial social betterment and community empowerment.”

At the Santhigram Foundation, Nair is poised to engage in unique endeavors that magnify his professional impact. He will join forces with other revered members in a confidential setting, nurturing synergies and forging strategic alliances. Moreover, Nair is set to disseminate his specialized knowledge through bespoke content creation and participation in expert panels, thereby enriching a wider audience with his insights.